Kitchen Help

How to peel & slice a carrot






How to cut broccoli into florets 

I am going to be posting videos on how to cut or slice certain vegetables for those of you who don’t know how or not entirely comfortable working with a knife. I know that I have mentioned this several times in some of my articles I have a complete understanding of what it’s like to be fearful of using knives as I used to be scared of them myself. But I am not as fearful anymore.

My hope and prayer is that these videos will encourage you to conquer the fear of using a knife.

To begin I am teaching you my way of cutting broccoli into florets.


Frozen Food Storage

Have you ever wondered how long you could store certain foods in the freezer or do you look into your freezer for some chicken or a veggie and find that freezer burn has ruined what you’re looking for due to it being in the fridge too long? If you have answered one or both questions well then today’s lucky day because today I am going to show you what and how long and how to properly store certain foods in the freezer, by sharing with you an infographic covering frozen food storage that I designed.

frozen-food-sto_19616871_306e0fb747a4cb4ee9b1a11dc0ee1c5de4199ac5.jpegNotes: Always be sure to put a label and the date on the item(s) before you place them in the fridge.